All American, All Delicious Apple Pie.

It is what the 300+ bakers of Tuesdays with Dorie made this week thanks to Emily of SandMuffin. I knew I had to make this week’s pick. Afterall, Emily is the only other Louisianian in the group. We Deep Deep South Dixie Girls have to stick together.

Several members of the group were a little leary of this pie because it included Tapioca and because of the crumbs in the bottom of the crust.. They were afraid it would make the pie to eggy and the crumbs would be soggy. IT wasn’t and they weren’t. The pie was delicious.

As you can see I made minis. Two minis. 4 1/2 inch minis. I made Dorie’s one crust pie dough. That gave me enough for 4 minis so the rest is in the fridge. I used the tapioca and the graham crumbs. But I didn’t have quite enough apples (Gala and Golden Delicious) in the pies. I sliced them rather thin and they ‘shrank’ as the pie was baking. Doesn’t mean the pies weren/t DELICIOUS!!. Next time I will pile more apple slices in. Even though I cut the recipe to about 1/3 I left the spices as called for. I like lots of spice in my pies – especially apple or pear.

The only adjustment I made in the bake time was to decrease the 50/60 minutes to 30/35 minutes turning the heat down to 375°.

Next time there will be a full version of this pie to photograph. Oh, Yeah!!

The recipe will be on Emily’s blog. Or you can just buy Dorie’s Book – Baking From My Home To Yours and have done with it.