If you want a good bread this is it. Nancy introduced several of us to it in early October when she found it on Dan Lepard’s site. Since then I ‘ve made it every week either for sandwich bread or rolls. It is so easy and so flavorful that it has become our go-to bread.

    Sour Cream Bread

I really wasn’t sure about this one. Sour Cream in bread. But then it is just another darily product. Milk. Cream. Sour Cream. It added a nice tang to the bread. But didn’t taste like Sour Cream. And the rise is spectacular….

…even before it went into the oven. The crumb is perfect. The bread is delicious. The recipe is easy!!! The recipe is on Dan’s site. I know Di and Nancy have made the bread, but they have not posted it yet. Kayte also made it and it is posted.

NaBloPoMo Day 10.