One of my favorite breakfast treats is a toasted English Muffin. I have tried several recipes over the years. The one from Peter Reinhart’s BBA is pretty good. I tried some Lemon ones once – not one of my better ideas. And recently I made MomoFuko’s English Muffins which recipe I got from Nancy’s The Corner Loaf.

which were really good but quite small if you use the 30 – 60 gram weight. I like mine a little larger. This is my favorite muffin recipe but there are several steps to making these little jewels.

Thanks, Nancy, these are perfect.

But while looking for a quick bread for breakfast I ran across this perfect breakfast bread at King Arthur Flour (need I say more….?)

It IS perfect for toasting. While it didn’t rise much it does have all those little nooks and crannys one associates with English Muffins. And easier to put together. Toasted, the outside was crispy, but the inside was smooth and silky. I wasn’t expecting THAT texture. It is wonderful bread.

I won’t give up my traditional English muffins but if I want something quicker this is the next best thing.

NaBloPoMo Day 17.