I have several friends I have never met. We talk. We cook. We bake together. But we have never met. We want to. Someday we will, but for now we have to be satisfied with cooking together on-line. We have Twitter Cooks/Bakes!!!

Last weekend Leslie, Kayte, and I fixed an Indian Feast – Naan, Spicy Cucumber Wedges, and Easy Shrimp Curry (Masala Jhinga).

We just started using Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian Cooking for some regular Indian TwitterCooks. It is a beautiful book with a collection of wonderful curries, beautiful desserts, and delicious sides. The Naan and Spicy Cucumber Wedges (Leslie’s choice) came from the book.

It is an easy recipe and always works for me (Yes, I’ve used this one before.) And it always comes out perfectly. I brushed it with a little garlic butter for extra flavor. The Spicy Cucumber Wedges also came from Indian Cooking. Simply cut a peeled cucumber into wedges and sprinkle with salt, cayenne pepper, black pepper roasted cumin seeds and lemon juice. These little wedges pack a punch. It’s the cayanne pepper and cumin that really bring the flavor.

From New Asian Cuisine we made the Shrimp Curry. The recipe came to my email and I shared it with Kayte and she shared it with Leslie. It was so good. And fairly easy. And it was shrimp!!!

Did I say it was good? I was wrong. It was delicious. It was so much like my favorite curry at a little Indian ‘joint’ in town. Knowing I can achieve the same flavor – FANTASTIC!!! Visit the New Asian Cuisine Site. It is a collection of recipes from different chefs/books. And it is quite a collection. I know Kayte and Leslie enjoyed the curry. And thanks for cooking with me, girls. {P.S. I don’t know when they will post, but visit them anyway!! Always good stuff to cook or bake.}

NaBloPoMo Day 20.