Well, actually – Snickery Squares – but this just wouldn’t describe this TWD rewind for Thanksgiving Week , unfortunately!!

Since it is a holiday week our baking challenge was to find something the group had baked but a member had missed. I came up with a list of 12. I knew I couldn’t make ALL of them so I had to narrow it down to ONE. Too Hard!! So I gave the job to the Hubs. He had no trouble picking from the list. And it was a good pick. One I was hoping he would settle on.

Oh, so good. And oh, so sweet!! The baker’s answer to a Snickers Bar. Only better. MUCH Better!! A sweet crumble crust. A layer of dulce de leche. A sprinkle of caramelized peanuts. A layer of chocolate ganache. Peanuts on top. Oh,My!! They were so so yummy!! Hubs ate 4 pieces.

Dorie suggested using ‘store bught’ dulce de leche. And that was the problem. It never did harden on me so when I cut the squares all of the caramel began to ooze out of the squares. Which really ISN”T a problem. Who says you cannot eat a cookie bar with a fork!!

We just scraped up all the wonderful gooeyness and drizzled it back over the top of the squares. No harm – no foul!!

Problem solved!!

The next time I make these I will make my own DdL like I usually do. The only change I made was to include some PB chips in with the chocolate to mmake the ganache. Next time I will use more. Just a hint of PB flavor. Extra yummy!!

Thanks Laurie for letting us go back and find the goodies we missed.

You will find lots of different TWD entries this week since it was a rewind. Find out what they are by visiting the other members of You won’t be sorry!!

BTW These were the weekly choice in March of 2008 by Dinner and Dessert and you can find the recipe on her site.

NaBloPoMo day 23.