I love cooking with other people. The chit-chat in the kitchen. The cooperative ballet that goes on when 2 or 3 people are wending their way around each other in the kitchen. The rapidity with which the meal builds with so many hands chopping, whisking, blending.

Unless the people you are cooking with are 1000s of miles away. Twittercooking gives you the chance to work ‘together’ in the kitchen. Not much ballet going on there, but plenty of chit-chat. Leslie is in California. Kayte is in Indiana. I’m in Louisiana. But we cook ‘together’ using Jaffrey’s Indian Cooking.

We all love Indian food so what began as an occassional treat is fast becoming a regular night in the kitchen with garam masala, basmati rice, coriander, ginger, naan, tumeric……

This week our menu included Murghi rasedar with Basmati rice, and Carrot & Onion Salad.

What makes this dish unique is the onion sauce. Step one is to fry the onions until they are soft and golden brown. Then mix these with a paste made from onions, ginger, and galic whish is also fried. (Are we sure this isn’t a Southern Dish???) Then the onions are mixed with the browned paste, spices, and yogurt until thickened before adding in the chicken to cook. It made for a delicious sauce. (As hard as I tried I just could not make this photogenic!!)

I didn’t make the salad. I knew no one would like it because of the raw onions, but I know Kayte did and probably Leslie. This is the first time I had made basmati rice. It could very easily become our favorite rice. Wonder if I can buy it in bulk somewhere…..

We aren’t publishing the recipes from Jaffrey’s book, but you can find it on page 93 and the salad on page 217.

While this wasn’t one of my favorites, it was still quite tasty. The flavor did not penetrate into the chicken leaving it rather bland. But the sauce did bring it all together. Next time I think I will slice the chicken up before cooking to get more flavor into the meat. And there will be a next time.

NaBloPoMo Day 29. (Hope I still qualify. I missed two days because of some wonderful 24 hour bug that caught me **sigh**)