Lacy! That is a good word to describe this week’s TWD pick. Translucent Maple Tuiles, pronounced Tweeles (kinda, sorta) are lacy cookies that resemble the curved tiles “found on the rooftops of country homes, particularly those in Provence” according to Dorie. There are different shapes for the tuiles besides the curved. Flat. Rounded. Depends on what they are draped over.

And so many uses for them.

    You can dip them in chocolate for a sweet treat!

    You can use them for diminutive ice cream cups.
    {And use the pieces from the ones that fell apart for garnish!!!}

    Serve them plain as a simple treat with a cup of tea.

Or just devour the ones that fall apart as you try to move them carefully from the cookie sheet to the ‘shapers’.

    Oh, so good!!

I had made these before with The Daring Bakers and swore I would NEVER make them again. The recipe, as Caitlin said, was finicky!! This recipe, however, was super simple and super tasty. Thank you, Dorie, for making it easy. And thank you Hindy (aka Clivia) of Bubie’s Little Baker for letting me try – and succeed with – Tuiles again. You can find the recipe and some great Tuile pictures on her blog.

They are on page 173 of Dorie’s Baking From My Home to Yours.

{And when Dorie says leave 2″ between the little balls of dough – LISTEN!!}

Still good, though!!

These were fun to ‘group bake’ as several of us – Caitlin, Kayte, Di, Tracey, and I made them into a TwitterBake on Sunday.

Good Times!! Good times!!