Taco salad was all the rage at work about 20 years ago. We would make it all the time for a quick lunch. And then I didn’t make it for years and years. Now I am sorry I stopped putting this little salad together. Maybe Ellie decided it was time to bring it back. Glad she did.

Such a tasty salad to be so simple. Lettuce, chilli-spiced beef, cheese, crushed tortillas. So simple!!!

Ellie serves hers with a chunky tomato dressing. Now, y’all know how I feel about fresh tomatoes. Do not like them at all. Like everything else tomato but not fresh. I am just weird that way. So I gave the Fam the chunky dressing and I stuck with my spicy tomato-ey dressing.

Thanks Peggy for reminding me of this great little salad (which can definitely be a meal!!).

You can find the recipe HERE or on page 77 of Ellie’s So Easy!

And if you want to cook with a small group of great foodies you should join in with us at Craving Ellie in My Belly!!