….smooth or chunky, hot or cold.

It was wonderful chunky and HOT!!!

I have only cooked with leeks one other time and that was because Nancy had found a recipe for a TwitterCook some months ago. I still don’t use them often, but I do enjoy the flavor they add to different dishes. This soup called for 3 leeks and I thought it would be too onion-y, but the leeks are very mild in flavor and just enhanced to the taste of the soup.

Topped with some shredded gruyére and chopped chives, it was a perfect soup for a very unseasonably cold night here in the Deep South!!

Dorie did say we could make the soup chunky or smooth, so I removed part of the soup and pureed it in the Food Processor (since my immersion blender drowned a few days before!!) We ended up with a nice smooth textured soup with plenty of chunky pieces of potato. Almost a potato chowder. One thing that surprised me about this soup – it only used ONE potato. Most potato soups use lots of potatoes. THe one potato, with all the leeks, was perfectly potato-ey.

The next time I make potato soup, it will be this one. Too good not to make again.

You can find this soup in Dorie’s Around My French Table on page 66/67. And as long as you have the book, you might as well join us in