Pecans!! Walnuts!! Mixed Nuts with Peanuts!! Salty Mixed Nuts with Peanuts!! Doesn’t matter what you use, Dorie’s sweet/spicy seasonings make them good.

    A little bit Spicy!! – Chili Powder
    A little bit Sweet!! – Sugar
    A little bit naughty!! -Cayenne Pepper.
    A little bit nice!! – Cinnamon

A little taste for everyone. I decreased the chili powder, increased the cinnamon, and left out the Cayenne. Spicy is just not on the menu right now!! They were tasty. Much better than the roasted spicy/sweet nuts you buy out. And all it took was an oven, the spices, a little egg white.

I am basically lazy so I didn’t pick out each nut one at a time. I put them on the cookie sheet and seperated them.

What I ended up with was a kinda course brittle.

These got rave reviews from the members of French Fridays with Dorie so I had to make them. And they were so simple I actually found time to make them between cookies, candy, cakes, chex mix, pies, bread. I would like to try them with the Five Spice or a little curry powder. There was lots of variety out there, so go check out the other member’s take on these.