I love biscuits!! With gravy!! With butter and jelly!! Toasted!!

But I have never really been able to make a GOOD Biscuit. I don’t mean good in taste. Mine have always tasted good. I mean biscuits that look like good flaky biscuits.

THAT changed Christmas morning when THESE….

… came out of the oven!! Good. Flaky. Biscuits!! These are probably the best biscuits I ever made. Thanks to Nick Malgieri’s Bake!!

The recipe is the same recipe (almost) I have used often. Except it called for buttermilk (which I now keep on hand). And folding the dough over itself envelope style – twice.

This was supposed to be part of a TwitterBake with Phyl and Kayte, but time just wasn’t on my side.

So we had them with presents on Christmas Morning.

These are Malgieri’s Buttermilk Biscuits (pg 180). It was my turn to pick for the 3 of us who are baking from Bake! I chose something simple because of the hecticness of the season. Glad I did. Good Stuff.