When I think of gnocchi I think of pasta. Pasta that is made with potatoes or with semolina flour….

    “Although Gnocchi is placed at the end of the various forms of pasta, it is about the easiest form to make at home, for ti requires neither rolling nor filling and consists merely of little rolls, croquettes or circles of pasta….”Italian Cooking by Nella Wakefield (1958)

I don’t think of pâte à choux but that is exactly what Gnocchi à la parisienne is made with.

Regardless of what this is made with – it is good!!

There are three different componants or parts of this dish.

First: Make the gnocchi. It is made just like a regular pâte à choux that is used for eclairs and cream puffs Instead of being piped and baked they are dropped by spoonfulls into boiling water. They puff up some, but much of the puffing happens in the oven during the baking.

Second: Make a Béchamel. A clean white ‘roux’ made with flour, milk, and butter. This one is flavored with nutmeg – just a pinch.

Third: Put it all together. Cheese, béchamel, and the pâte à choux are layered in a pie plate, topped with more béchamel, a mix of cheeses {I used Parmesan and gruyère} and bits of butter. Since Imade only 1/2 of the recipe I ended up with enough ingredients to make two 4 x 8 oval baking dishes of the gnocchi. Baked and then passed under a broiler you end up with a tasty lightly browned dish of cheesy deliciousness!!!

Was it a hit? I think so. Even though it’s “…not my thing, it’s pretty good.” said Hubs. Will I make it again? I’m really not sure. I have 1/2 of the gnocchi and 1/2 of the béchamel in the freezer. And since that is most of the work done it will be on the menu at least one more time. And probably more!!!!

Visit the other members of French Fridays with Dorie and see how theirs came out. If you want the recipe you are just going to have to buy Dorie’s Around My French Table. And then you can join all the cooking fun, too.