I love to bake things that AREN”‘T sweet. After so many muffins, cookies, cupcakes, tarts it is nice to bake a savory.

      Tasty Tart

Delicious breakfast in a crust. What we have here is a flaky crust filled with thinkly sliced boiled ham, eggs and seasoning. I also added cheddar cheese. And since I made it in a deep tart pan (2″ sides) a small slice was rich and quite filling. The filling was very creamy. Changing the cheese would change the flavor each time you bake it. Next time – gruyere!!!

I had to bake if for 55 minutes for it to get done since it was a deep pan.

I found the recipe for this one (because we aren’t publishing them) at the NY Daily News. You could also get a copy of Malgieri’s BAKE!! and join us in baking through the book with the Modern Baker Challenge.

I know my friend Kayte fixed it for supper Monday night and they loved it. Phyl and his family also found it tasty. Try it!! You probably will, too. (It’s on page 136 by the way if you want/buy/have the book!!)