High as the Flag on the Fourth of July.

If you can name the musical those two lines come from then you are either a music buff – or in my generation.

I realize it’s not August. And it’s Not July, but Dorie’s Great Grains Muffins (chosen by Christine of Happy Tummy made me feel like singing, or at least humming while eating. Singing and eating can be such a messy business.

What makes these muffins different is the combination of AP flour, WW flour, yellow cornmeal, and old fashioned oats. The oats add some chewiness and there is just enough cornmeal to give it the texture of cornbread.

The recipe included the addition of a variety of Dried Fruit (not really a fan) and/or nuts. That sounded tasty. I added pecans to some of the muffins and pepitas to some of the muffins.

Not a lot, just enough to add some extra flavor. Not that they don’t have plenty of flavor already with the maple syrup and buttermilk, but extra flavor never hurt a muffin.

The rest I just left plain…

… and had them warm and sweet from the oven with some good butter. Perfect Breakfast!!

So go visit with Christine of Happy Tummy, get the recipe and bake some up. You won’t be sorry. Or, better yet, get Dorie’s Baking From My Home to Yours and join in the fun.

And if you are still wondering where the lyrics came from – South Pacific which appeared on Broadway for the first time in 1949. If you knew that, then I’m glad to meet another Baby Boomer!!!! We are a GREAT GENERATION!!!