When I was doing the Low Carb ‘thing’ the one food I really missed was Pasta. Oh, sure, there were some low carb pastas out there, but even too much of them was not a good thing. Now that I am NOT doing the Low Carb ‘thing’ pasta is on the menu again. Maybe too much sometimes. But I try to use Whole Grain or Whole Wheat pasta because it is better for you. And when I have time – I make my own.

So making this week’s CEinMB dish [chosen by Lindsey of 71 cookbooks] it was not hard to bevy up to the stove and get started.

    Four Cheese Baked Penne

The four cheeseS refer to the ricotta, cottage, and mozzarella cheese that is mixed in with the pasta and simple tomato sauce along with the shredded Parmesan cheese that is sprinkled liberally (well, for me) on top along with some more mozarella. The sauce is mixed with Whole Wheat Penna {I used whole grain}, popped in the oven to bake and meld the flavors. Easy. And good, too. NOw, you wont’ believe this, but I didn’t follow the recipe exactly. lol but pretty close. The online ingredients called for chilli flakes, which I did not have, so I subbed in a little chilli powder. After I found the recipe in So Easy (pg 201) the ingredients called for crushed red pepper. Since I had already added the chili powder, I left it at that. I also baked in the same pan I made the sauce in rather than using another dish.

Definitely a repeat, but wouls like to add some chicken, or, even better, some Italian Sausage.

Several Ellie Cravers made this dish, so go visit with them.

Lindsey will have the recipe on her blog, or you go online, or find it in Ellie’s book.