Every time I see a recipe for Mexican Wedding Cookies I mark it and swear to make it the next time I make cookies. I never do. Imagine how glad I was to be ‘forced’ to make these cookies. Finally!! We have been eating this tasty little puffs of flavor for years but never ones from MY oven. This time we are…

    Pecan Powder Puffs

These were soooo good. After 16 minutes in the oven they were round and brown and ready to devour enjoy slowly!! Lightly dusted with powdered sugar these were crunchy little morsals that melted in your mouth. Nutty sweetness. Just enough.

    The recipe was delightfully simple. Pulerized pecans mixed with sugar, butter, and flour. Rolled. Baked. Dusted. Done!!

    Thanks, Tia for this pick. These are defintely up the repeat real soon.If you want to try them you can find the recipe on her blog Buttercream Barbie.Or on page 156 of Dorie’s Baking From My Home to Yours.

    Check out the other members of TWD and see how they enjoyed them.