Thursdays are easy nights for supper. I don’t have to decide what to cook. Why? Because Thursday is Craving Ellie in My Belly night. Except this week, it was my pick. But since I chose this 5 weeks ago it was still an easy night.

      Asian Noodle Bowl

I have to tell you that I am very fond of several different types of cuisine. Mexican. Italian. Greek. German. And Asian. I just love the diversity of all the different flavors. So when it comes my turn to pick for one of the cooking groups I will usually chose from one of those if available – or Seafood. Thise time it was Asian. This was a basic stir fry of brocalli, baby corn, shitake mushrooms, peppers (which I didn’t have) and chicken. The difference between this stir-fry type dish and others is that instead of rice, Ellie tossed the veggie mix with noodles. You could use Udon or speghetti. I had some brown rice udon so that is what I used.

I have to admit that it wasn’t one of my favorites. It was just a little bland for me. It was disappointing because I usually really like Ellie’s recipes. Ah, well. Won’t stop me from making it again and maybe playing around with it a little. Maybe with shrimp??

You can find the recipe in So Easy or HERE!


As you know, if you read my last blog entry, I was internet-less last week. So this week there is also a CEinMB Two-Fer.

And I had to make this one because my Good Buddy and WWF partner, Leslie, picked it.

      Wheat Berry Salad

I had NEVER had wheat berries before. I didn’t really know what they were and could not find them anywhere. Luckily, my Daughter lives in a Real City and found them for me at their local WF. Different. It’s not a berry, in case you haven’t had them either.

This salad called for cooked wheat berries, celery, walnuts, dried cherries, scallions, and parsley. I didn’t have everything Ellie called for so I played around a little. I used walnuts and pecans (never have too many nuts) as well as mandarin oranges and dried cranberries. I did add the parsley and the scallions but not the celery. Tossed the whole mixture with lemon juice and carefully piled it on a fresh bed of lettuce. Not bad. I do wish I had not added the scallions. They were somewhat bitter when paired with the fruit. I will make this again, but without the scallions.

Thanks, Leslie, for broadening my horizons – again!!

You can find the recipe in Ellie’s So Easy or HERE!

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