I enjoy being in the kitchen. 10 years ago I would not have said that. But since discovering Food Blogs, Great Cookbooks, and Fabulous Foodies (now Friends) my idea of a good time is baking and cooking.

Just this past week a Far Away Foodie Friend – Leslie – and I baked Malgieri’s Bittersweet Chocolate Tart. Not in the same kitchen, she’s in California, but almost together texting about the tart and what each of us was doing.

Made with a simple Cookie Dough crust this little tart can be simple or elegant depending on how you garnish it. I just used some cinnamon whipped cream (From the Pumpkin Pecan Buttermilk Tart) and it was perfect. Very chocolately. Very delicious.

One half of the recipe was enough for 3 mini tarts. One to share, two to give away (Yeah! Right!). The only change I made was to use Dark Corn Syrup. Only because I discovered I didn’t have Light. Leslie and I were afraid it would over power the chocolate, but it didn’t. I think it just added another layer of flavor.

I know others have made this tart: Kayte, Phyl, Renee, Abby,Andrea. And I know their families enjoyed every sweet chocolatey bite, so go check out their tarts, please.