I don’t really care much for Summer. I know. I know. I live in the South and basically it is almost Summer year round. Right now the weather is FANTASTIC!!! because it is cool at night and pleasantly cool (comparatively) during the day. It’s the heat I don’t like. But there are some major perks. Fresh veggies from the garden. Fresh fruit from the local farmers – strawberries, mulberries, peaches. Especially Peaches. Cobbler! Pie! Ice Cream!


      Ellie’s Peach Pie Smoothie.

Granted, this is made with Frozen Peaches, but it brings a tease of the summer to come.

The smoothie includes cinnamon, nutmeg, and cinnamon which is where the PIE quality comes from. Quite Nice! Even though I forgot the honey (it’s still sitting on the counter) and used Lemon Yoghurt rather than plain simply because that is all I had. I think the lemon actually helped by bringing out the Peach flavor a tad.

A very refreshing choice made by Chaya of Comfy Cook’s Kosher Kitchen

The recipe is on Chaya’s blog and on FoodTV.