Scones!! Love them!! Make them!! Always looking for new recipes for them! Notice the Title of the blog – Tea and SCONES!!! YES!!

So whenever a Scone recipe comes along with TWD I. Am. There!! And glad I was with these.

      Oatmeal Nutmeg Scones

These are a typical Scone – sorta kinda!! Except they include Old- Fashioned Oats instead of just flour. Spiced up with a little (actually MORE than a little…) Nutmeg these are DELICIOUS!! Pefect with just a (large) pat of butter. Period!! And the addition of the nutmeg really took the flavor over the top. I think I will add a little more next time.

I baked mine on a stone rather than a cookie sheet because I love the texture the stone gives the bottoms of the scones and the nice even heat it provides.

The only trouble I had both times I have made them is that they were crumbly. Not sure why – I only baked them for 15 minutes. Sometimes my oven doesn’t like to cooperate. Guess I will just HAVE to make them again and again and again … until I get them j-u-s-t right!!!

Mosey on over and visit with Patricia ofLife with a Whiskfor the recipe. And then go visit with the Bakers of and enjoy their scones. You will be glad you did!!