When is a pie NOT a pie? When it is a Breton Apple Pie. Which is really more like a Cake than a Pie.

Malgieri describes it as a dense pound cake with an apple filling.

The ‘pie’ is two layers of sweet dough with a layer of cinnamony sweet/tart cooked apples in between.

While Malgieri called for Golden Delicious I used Gala apples. They were perfect for this pie, eh cake, eh ….. O Whatever!! I made a half recipe in a 6″ springform pan. Two apples and extra cinnamon in the filling was delicious. The apples are cooked down in sugar and butter with the cinnamon which results in a chunky applesauce. Topping teh pie/cake with Cinnamon Whipped Cream made it extra tasty.

The only changes I would make would be to make the apple layer a little thicker and add more cinnamon to the apples.

I always love making desserts with apples, partly because I get to have fun with THIS:

Check out the other Challenge Bakers and what they did with this cake/pie/whatever!! And you can find the recipe on page 180 of Malgierie’s The Modern Baker