What!! ANOTHER scone recipe! Already!! YES!! And not a moment too soon!!

This time the scones are from Malgieri’s BAKE!and they are pretty darn tasty!!

      Cram Cheese Scones

If you are looking for a good, easy, basic scone to try for the first time, this is one to start with. It’s quick to put together in the Food Processor. Bakes up beautifully and tastes just great. With or without butter (as Nick mentions).

I only made 1/2 the recipe and ended up with 6 scones from the 5″ disc. Mine were a little bigger than the recipe called for. After 15 minutes in the oven they baked up nice and high.


This pick was from Glennis who just joined the group. Nice beginning, Glennis.

I know Abby made them, as well as Phy, so go check out their scones as well.