I admit it! I have a crush on Nick Malgieri!!! Well, maybe not the guy himself, but his sweets. And the more I bake from Modern Baker the heavier the crush is!!!

      Chocolate Orange Hazelnut Tart

A tasty, tantalizing, nutty, crunchy, citrusy, chocolatey tart topped with a smidgeon of whipped cream, chopped hazelnuts and chocolate.

      It. Just. Don’t. Get. No. Better!!!!

The chocolate tart is sprinkled with chopped walnuts which sink into the chocolate filling to give you a few walnuts all the way through the tart. More chocolate is drizzled on top to make it even chocolatey-er {I can make up words, right??}. The orange zest adds a subtle hint of citrus to the mix. And the rum is… well I couldn’t really taste the rum. Does rum loose it’s flavor over time? Maybe more next time!!

Half of the recipe gave me filling for 3 mini (4.5″) tarts. And the desire to make more later. For now there are two in the freezer.

I think next time I would like to try using some nutella in the chocolate mix and maybe some orange oil. The orange was very subtle. Just a hint after the fact. And, maybe, that is enough. Afterall, one doesn’t want to overpower the chocolate!!!!

This is part of the Modern Baker Challenge. You can find the recipe on page 179 of Malgieri’s Modern Baker. And I found the recipe HERE. But really, you need to buy THE BOOK!!! Maybe you will develop a crush, too!!