All week long I have been craving making muffins. I looked through several cookbooks. Several Muffin cookbooks but nothing caught my eye. Then my Friend Kayte mentioned she had to make the muffins for CEinMB. Problem solved. They were the perfect fix for my craving.

      Apple-Pecan Muffins

My, My, these were good. Moist. Full of chunks of apples and cinnamon. Topped with pecans, brown sugar, and cinnamon they are perfect for breakfast (tomorrow morning) or a mid-morning snack. Or a late evening snack. Or a midnight snack. Ah, shucks. Anytime.

The recipe said it would make 12 muffins, but I actually got 15 out of it. I did find that the better was very very liquidy. I was afraid they would not turn out and that I had done something wrong. But they came out perfectly. I only had enough topping for 12 so I used some left over struessel topping from a TWD bundt cake. This one had chocolate chips and nutmeg mixed with pecans and brown sugar.

It won’t take long to see these muffins disappear. And that’s good because I want to make them again. With nutmeg. With more cinnamon. Other than that they could not be improved on.

This week’s CEinMB muffin was chosen by JoAnne of Apple Crumbles. {The recipe will be on her blog. } Thanks, JoAnne, they were just what I needed.

I hope the other CEinMB members liked them as well.
You can also find the recipe HERE.