Trust my Friend Kayte to choose a delightfully refreshing goodie for the first Bake! treat in June.

      Strawberry Cream Cheese Crumble Tart

And even though it isn’t chocolae (also a Kayte Trait) it is still very very tasty. What you have here is a Cookie Dough Crust filled with a sweet Cream Cheese filling layered with

    sliced sweet juicy strawberries topped with a cinnamon sugar almond crumble.

    Oh! My!

Do I really HAVE to describe how delicious this was?? Really!!

Just looking at it indicates how cool and refreshing it is. Really!!

I made 1/4 of the recipe which was just about enough for two 4.5″ mini tarts. Almost enough, but not quite. 1/3 would have been a perfect amount. The full recipe will give you a nice 10 inch tart.

We aren’t publishing the recipes from Malgieri’s BAKE! but this tantalizing tart is posted on Nick’s website with a beautiful photograph.

Or, if you have this book it is on page 45!! Check out the Bake! FB page for other baker’s tarts.