Actually, it’s supposed to be Cinnamon Raisin Toast with Honey-Walnut Spread. And I hope Kayte will forgive me for using just plain bread. It was her pick after all. But I really think the star of this show was supposed to be the spread, not the toast. And it was…

      Cinnamon Raisin Toast with Honey-Walnut Spread

I had just made some Fresh Bread and it was perfect for trying this spread. Since I didn’t have the bread with cinnamon in it I decided to sprinkle cinnamon and sugar ON the spread. And a few walnuts on top of that, with just a little drizzle of Honey. The spread itself is simply, simply, a combination of Greek Yogurt, toasted chopped walnuts and honey. Simple. Delicious. Ellie suggests topping the toast and spread with peach or apple or pear. I liked it better without the fruit because the peach (which is what I used) tended to overpower the spread.

Thanks, Kayte. Another goodie to add to the Breakfast List.

The recipe is in Ellie’s So Easy on page 34. (Or on Apple Crumbles Blog. The other members of CEinMB and their Spread are HERE.