Banana’s are natures way of helping us stay healthy. They have moderate amounts of vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese and potassium. Consumption of bananas may be associated with a reduced risk of some cancers. They can be steamed, fried, mashed, broiled, baked, or just eaten raw. It is the perfect snack that comes in it’s own little case.
As far as walnuts are concerned they contain the highest amount of anti-oxidents of any nut.
Besides these facts, both of these are just darn good in a tart!

      Banana Walnut Tart

This is another winner from Malgieri’s The Modern Baker. It is a simple filling of walnuts, {DUH!} brown sugar, cinnamon, eggs, and butter poured over a layer of sliced bananas.

Chopped walnuts are sprinkled over the filling before baking so that you end up with a sweet crunchy tasty little tart. A healthy (sorta kinda) crunchy tasty little tart. With a splash of rum on top after baking just for fun.

Half of the recipe was enough for two 4.5″ tarts. They only took about 20 minutes to bake.

As good as they were I made a couple of notes to make them, hopefully, better.

    I think caramelizing the bananas would hadd an extra layer of flavor. I would also put in more bananas. One layer wasn’t enough.

Maybe a little more rum. It wasn’t really a discernable taste. But maybe my splashes are less than Malgieri’s.

Make this one! You can find it on page 171 of The Modern Baker.

Also, Sara Mouton made this one with Nick once, so you can find the recipe at The Big Oven.

Several of the members of The Modern Baker Challenge have already made it: Phyl, Kayte. The rest of Members are working on this one as well of many of the others. Pop over and see.

And remember to make this one. It. Is. Good!!