They say it’s your birthday
      We’re gonna have a good time
      I’m glad it’s your birthday
      Happy birthday to you.

      Yes we’re going to a party party
      Yes we’re going to a party party
      Yes we’re going to a party party

    ~~The Beatles~~

Yes, it was my Birthday last Sunday. I celebrated it on Father’s Day and made a cake that made both Bill and Me happy!! The cake was my pick for this week’s Bake!

      Devils Food Bombe

A bombe, you say. Yes!! But not the exploding kind. Unless you count the little explosions of tart/sweet when biting into a raspberry included in the filling. A filling made of fresh whipped cream.

This cake started out looking like….

But after some layering of cake slices, whipped cream, and raspberries it ended up looking like…..

There were several steps to this cake.

    Step One: Make Nick’s Devil’s Food Cake. (Mine did not rise so I had a fudgy bottom on the cake and the help of a friend, Betty, to finish the other layers. Only because I ran out of time and had company coming.){I think I forgot the baking soda!}

    Step Two:
    Make Fresh whipped cream – also from Nick’s Bake!

    Step Three: Piece and layer the cake and whipped cream into a round topped bowm and refridgerate. (My bowl was more flat-topped, but that was okay, more room for raspberries and slivers of chocolate on top!)

    Good cake, people, good cake. And you can find it on page 166 of Malgieri’s Bake!

    But I also found the Devil’s Food Cake recipe and the Bombe Instructions on Line.

    Go see Kayte’s Bombe. She didnt’ forget the baking soda and her bombe is beautiful.