Cantaloupe. My favorite fruit ever. When I used to visit my PaPa he would always have three things for me. Twinkies. New Archie comic-book. And Cantaloupe. Always. Without fail. These three things waited for me. Today I still love Twinkies and Canteloupe. Archie Comic books – not so much.


This week’s FFwD intrigued me. Cantaloupe made into soup. I have had Cantaloupe pie. Cantaloupe smoothie. Cantaloupe with vanilla IC. But cantaloupe soup was never a thought.

This is a cold soup. Cantaloupe. Lime Juice. Ginger. {Dorie calls for White wine, but I am NOT a wine drinker so I just left it out. She DID say it was optional.} Interesting combination. And not bad. I could really taste the ginger. The lime was in the background. Topped with a stawberry. Over all – not bad. Intriguing. But I was the only one to eat it. Good thing since I made just one serving!! Sorry, Dorie, I will stick with my sweet cantaloupe with IC or with Twinkies. But it was interesting.

Please check with the other members of French Fridays with Dorie for their soup.