It Worked!!

I made a cake from SCRATCH and it actually worked! Finally!! The oil based chocolate cake I made for the Devil’s Food Bombe was a FAIL. The cake did not rise.

This cake, a butter based cake, rose nicely and was delicious.


Golden Sour Cream Layer Cake

This was Phyl’s pick for this week’s Bake! Selection. It is his birthday cake pick. So this cake is dedicated to him. Happy 29th (Hunh!!) Birthday!!!

What Malgieri did with this cake was to substitute sour cream and egg yolks for the milk and egg whites in his White Butter Cake. Malgieri’s recipe is on The Epicurious site.

Phyl picked the cake to either have a chocolate or vanilla Meringue Buttercream. I chose Vanilla…

It was amazingly easy to make and it came out light and fluffy. Malgieri was on FoodTV for a cake special and the recipe for the buttercream is HERE. {There is one difference in that recipe and the one in Bake! In Bake! M uses 1 1/4 cups sugar rather than 1 cup.}

Now, most of you know I am a lover of chocolate. Even I was surprised that I didn’t put a chocolate frosting on this cake. But the vanilla, which is NOT sweet, was perfect with the Strawberry Jam filling.

I made 1/2 of the cake recipe and 1/2 of the frosting and used two 7.7″ by 5.5″ oval pans. Perfect for the two of us.

This cake is also dedicated to my Mom. She is 86 today.

    Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Abby has already made this cake and others are working on it. Check out the FB page.