Ich liebe Strudel!!
Yes I do, I love Strudel!!
It is so good filled with apples slowly cooked down with sugar and cinnamon and butter. Then mixed with Golden Raisins. What’s not to like? Oh, did I mention it is made with home made danish pastry dough?

The recipe called for a full recipe of pastry which then makes eight 4″ mini strudels. I only made 1/2 of the quick danish pastry dough recipe. And only 1/4 of that to make two 4″ strudels. That gives me enough to catch up on the other danish pastries I have missed making with the BAKE! group since January!

One of the things I love about making pastry dough is rolling out the dough and seeing those hunks of butter just waiting to melt in the pastry and give out all that yummy goodness!

And then you add in the apple/raisin mix {to which I added some chopped walnuts}to the middle of the dough

Roll up the pastry around the filling, brush with egg wash, sprinkle with LOTS of sugar and bake. 20 Minutes {mine only took 14} later you have a beautiful, tasty, elegant dessert. Now I know I will have to keep some of thids dough in the freezer just so I can make one of these up when I really want something different.

This was Abby’s (of Stir It! Scrape It! Mix It! Bake It!) pick. Hers came out beautifully.

You can find the dough recipe and the strudel in Malgieri’s Bake! on page 110 and 116. I also found the pastry dough recipe on