The Modern Baker Challenge is now in the Puff Pastry section of Malgieri’s Modern Baker.

    Puff Pastry!


Puff Pasty is sooo hard to make! I mean, really, you have to roll it and chill it and roll it and chill it and roll it and…
That is what I always thought. Until I ‘met’ Nick Malgieri.
Malgieri has given us an easy, no fail pastry. And it is all done in the food processor. Yes, in the processor!! Amazing!!

Flour, salt, water, and butter is all you need to make the PP!

    Lots and Lots of Butter!!!

I made a full batch which gives you 3 lbs of dough. I divided it into 4 batches and used the first batch today to make a sheet of pastry in order to make…

    Chocolate Filled Napoleons.

This is not a quick dessert to make, but it is fun. I made only one sheet or layer of puff pastry

which I trimmed, cut in half and made a small batch {?} Napoleon which I cut into triangles.

The two layers sandwich a rich mousse made with cream, meringue, and chocolate. {It is supposed to have orange liqueur, but I didn’t have any.} And it was delicious.

I made 1/2 of the mousse recipe and had plenty for the Napoleon and some left over. Well, maybe left over!!

This is not a dessert I would have ever considered making, but now that I know how easy it is it will be at my next Tuesday with Friends.

Phyl has great process pics Making the Pastry Dough and making the Baked Pastry Layer. So if you need details please visit Phyl.

The Napoleon is on page 198 of Malgieri’s The Modern Baker.

By the way, unless you have lots of pots, bowls, spoons, cups, and whisks, just ignore this recipe….