How do you choose just one or two, okay maybe 3, recipes from a blogger’s site when you have 30 you are looking at? Every once in a great while I find a site where I want to make just about everything on the site. I have several friends with foodie sites that have widened my horizons but seldom do I find a site where 99% of what is being made/cooked/baked looks delicious. The blogger I was assigned for August’s Secret Recipe Club is one of those.

    Hi, Kate, Nice to meet you.

Kate’s website is “isn’t everything in the kitchen trial and error?” She has been a food blogger since January 2010. Some of her posts are adapted from other bloggers, or books, or magazines. But many of them are labled ‘a kate original’.

After a long agonizing time deciding on which of Kate’s recipes to use – these are the ones I ended up with. A dinner, complete with dessert.

We started with…

Usually when I make what we call Chicken Finger Salad I fry the chicken strips. I have tried baking them before but they came out rather dry. This time I used Kate’s recipe and they were perfect. The panko crumbs added just enough crunch.

To accompany the salad we had Kate’s

These were sooo good. A sweet cornbread muffin with pieces of bacon and onion in each bite with a hint of cheese. Definitely a repeat here. The only change I would make would be to use MORE cheese. Never can get too much cheese.

And for dessert:

Strawberry Sour Cream Ice Cream

Which was delicious. And now it’s gone and I cannot find my pictures ANYWHERE!! Take my word for it – it was rich! It was creamy! It was full of stawberries! Kate gave two ways of making the ice cream – smooth and creamy by blending the strawberries in with the ingredients. Or chunky – which was our choice. Oh, and I I left out the vodka. Next time I will add it. I had never made ice cream with sour cream. Good stuff!!!

Now, since I couldn’t find those pics, I leave you with one more dish I made from Trial and Error –

I had been craving Chicken alfredo for days and when I ran across this one on Kate’s site I just adapted it to what I needed. Kate’s recipe called for pancetta, so I just subbed in some cooked chicken. Perfect!!

If you want some good food this is the blog to visit. Pies, ice cream, breads, pasta, risotto, veggies, cookies…it’s all there. Go visit Kate and check out her recipes. You wont’ be sorry!!!

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