I like a challenge. Always have. Marriage. Children. Work. PUFF PASTRY!! Working with puff pastry is a challenge. But becoming less of one as I work my way through Malgieri’s BAKE! and the section on Puff Pastry. I made a whole recipe of pastry so I could use small amounts to make the 13 or so forms in the section. The puff pastry was easy to make. Baking the sheet of puff pastry was easy. Even making the Napoleons was easy. And then we came to …

    Strawberry Mille-Feuille

Well, it was supposed to be Raspberry, but I am not a fan and I had just enough strawberries to make two mini desserts. Now, I didn’t have any trouble with the pastry, it was the pastry cream that was my downfall. Oh, and the filling made of whipped cream. The pastry cream would NOT set. I asked around and the general conclusion was to cook it some more and add some gelatin. I did and then the cream was so THICK it would not spread. Still tasted good, tho.

Good thing because this was my Murphey Dessert.

Didn’t know I was an artist {Secret Pollack groupie!}, did you!! Well, this is what happens when you accidentally let go of the container in which you are making whipped cream using an emersion blender. Don’t try this at home I AM a professional!! I did just have enough to finish the dessert.

To make the mille-feuille (a thousand leaves) you layer a sheet of pastry, pastry cream, fruit (strawberries), whipped cream, and repeat.

And then you ‘roll’ the whole thing in crushed puff pastry pieces. Pretty!! Well, maybe…

If you want to see a really pretty one, check out Abby’s of Mix It Bake it. That’s how it is supposed to look. And check out the Modern Baker Challenge members as we work our way through Malgieri’s Modern Baker.