WAY back at the first of the year Kayte asked me to pick a recipe for the Bake! members to make. I chose danish cheese pockets. Unfortunately I didn’t get to make them because of… well most of you know why. So, finally, this weekend I got to make the danish.

    Danish Cheese Pockets

These were soo good. I used Nick’s Quick Danish Pastry Dough. It is very easy to work with and puffs beautifully when baked. Before baking they are brushed with an egg wash and topped with sliced almonds. After, they are drizzled with a sugar/water icing. And they are sooooo good. I have always liked danish and have been wanting to make them. Now I have. I will again…and again…and again…and…well you get the picture.

This danish is from Malgieri’s Bake! It’s on page 113.