Danish. Wait, didn’t I just do a post on Danish. Why, yes! Yes I did! The last one was Malgieri’s Danish Cheese Pockets from Bake! . This one is Malgieri’s Danish Cheese Pockets…huh! what! Yes, same thing, different book. This one is from Malgieri’s Modern Baker

These are made with Puff Pastry. The filling was just a little different, not in ingredients, but in porportions. There wasn’t any difference in taste. But there was a difference in technique. While the Bake! danish were made by folding in the corners around the filling and topping with a pastry ‘button’ these are made in muffin cups. Malgieri says he did them this way because often people have trouble getting the folded corners to stick together. It does make for a deeper pastry, but I kind of liked folding and ‘buttoning’ the danish pastry.

What I DID like about these is the fact that they are rolled in sugar which means they caramalize while baking.

How do they compare? I liked the Bake! danish [on the bottom] better but next time I will roll the dough in sugar like the ones in Modern Baker.

These are part of the Modern Baker Challenge .

Find them on page 209 of Malgieri’s The Modern Baker