Are you ready for some more Chocolate?

    Yeah, me, too!

      How about…

    Chocolate Spice Quickies

These are simple to make refridgerator cookies. Slice and Bake. Easy to prepare in the food processor. But not your plain every day chocolate cookie. The dough includes finely ground almonds

and allspice {or cloves}.

I was curious to see how the cloves would affect the chocolate flavor. I was soooo disappointed. I could not taste the cloves at all and I had even added a tad extra. I also couldn’t taste the chocolate. It was like there was NO flavor in the cookie at all. Maybe my cloves were old. Does chocolate lose it’s flavor over time? I don’t think so!

What to do, what to do…

Dip them in white chocolate {Sorry, Nancy!} and roll them in chopped almonds.

While they look pretty, all you could taste now was the white chocolate (very sweet) and the chopped almonds (not a bad thing)!

Found on page 140 of Dorie’s Baking from My Home to Yours they were chosen by Jessica of My Baking Heart.