What’s the old saying,

    A Day Late and A Dollar Short?

How about a week late and a brownie short? While everyone else was enjoying Dorie’s Classic Brownie last week, we were enjoying……NADA. I thought last week was the **** Cake and since we aren’t big fans of ****s in baked goods I didn’t even bake it.
But THIS week???
And they are chocolatey, delicious fudgey treats.

They may be small in stature but they are big in taste. Chocked full of chocolate – bittersweet {actually I used semisweet} and unsweetened – and walnuts they are sweet and crunchy. Dorie also suggests espresso, but I still don’t have any, so…..

THESE were good!!!
Thanks to Anne of Anne Strawberry for this delicious brownie!! You can find the recipe on Anne’s delicious Blog! Not only that – she made FOUR DIFFERENT TYPES!! Oh.My!! So scoot over and visit with Anne for a bit!!
You can also find the Classic Brownies in Dorie’s Baking From My Home To Yours. (page 88)

And visit the other