Linguine with Classic Basil Pesto

I have to admit I have had pasta with pesto before. I often make it as a simple meal for lunch. But I have used ‘store-bought’ pesto and not home made. I have even made Basil Pesto before but I included the cheese in the pesto it self. But when Hazan made the pesto he didn’t put the cheese in the pesto, he put it the pasta. It made a BIG different. Actually, you put the pesto in the bowl the pasta will be mixed in THEN you grate the cheese over the pesto and THEN you add the pasta. What I ended up with was a lovely pasta dish where the cheese melted in the pata making it melty and ‘creamy’.

If you have Hazan’s 30 Minute PASTA you can find the recipe on page 54.

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