First of all, I know this is NOT what is on the schedule for today for French Friday’s with Dorie. Second, I don’t own a Madeleine pan — yet!! So making the honey-spiced mads was out for me. The last time I made them in a really CHEAP pan they looked like little piles of pooh. Did NOT want that to happen again!! Better to skip altogether!!

So let’s step back 2 weeks….

    …to what was ‘assigned’.

To what I have been meaning to make for the last 2.5 weeks.

Just a simple rice dish, or is it…? Is it risotto?

It doesn’t have to be stirred for hours without stopping yet it is creamy.

You don’t have to watch it continuously, yet it doesn’t burn!!

Boil broth, add arborio, simmer on low heat until ALMOST done {NO STIRRING}, off of heat and let finish cooking.

    Yep, THAT easy!!

      THAT easy!!

Add in sauteed onions and garlic, wilted spinach, cream, and cheese…

…and you end up with such a creamy delicious dish one helping is not enough!!

I have to admit I didn’t follow the recipe EXACTLY (YEAH YEAH!!). Dorie sugested GruyΓ¨re, Emmenthal or Swiss cheese. None of which I had. So I used White sharp Cheddar. It was like a yummy mac/cheese made with rice! And I am not trying to insult risotto. Delicious!! But I will make it next time with the ‘right’ cheese. Maybe!!

Find this recipe on page 380 of Dorie’s around my french table.

And check out the other FFwD cooks and their madeleines for this weeek. And past weeks’ dishes as well.