There is a belief that less is more. I believe it. The less you have to do the more you enjoy it. The less you put into it the more you get out of it. Now, maybe that’s not really true, but in the case of this little 8″ x 8″ cake it is very true.

This weeks pick, from Katrina of Baking and Boys, was simple, quick, and had less work than a lot of the recipes we have done with TWD yet it was delightfully delicious. Apples, Oatmeal, Walnuts, Cinnamon, Cider. Oh, yeah, I knew I was making this one.

    Apple Nut Muffin Cake

If this cake was any fuller of apples and nuts there would not be any room in the pan for it all. And it is so moist!! This is definitely one to keep handy. It is, as Dorie put it, rough and rustic.

And did I say it was really, really tasty?

Dorie said this came about thru’ Haste Makes Waste, and I understand that completely. In my haste to put this together last night before the clock struck midnight I completely forgot the butter until I was putting ingredients back in the fridge. And there was the butter. I quickly pulled the cake from the oven. Threw it back in the bowl and carefully stirred the butter into the cake. It. Came. Out. Perfectly!!! **Whew**

If you want the recipe it is on Katrina’s blog and on page 37 of Dorie’s Baking From My Home to Yours.

And more cakes can be found on the TWD site as more than 200 bakers tried out the cake. You should too.