….biscuits. OR so I thought until I tried Dorie’s Basic Biscuits. I have used her recipe lots of times and it never fails me. And Dorie is NOT a southern girl. Stylish! Sophisticated! Well-Traveled! Great cook/baker! BUT NOT SOUTHERN!!!!! She should NOT be able to make biscuits THIS good!!!

    Dorie’s Basic Biscuits

Not only basic, but perfect. I made 1/2 the recipe and ended up with 3 3″ biscuits and 3 bite sized. Delicious with some Pear Raspberry Preserves and butter. The only thing I did different was to melt some butter in the bottom of the cake pan I was using which gave them a crispy buttery bottom.

And they rise so beautifully.

I have made these often just plain, but I have also made them with garlic and cheddar cheese, or just cheese. Also with some chives mixed in. Always good! Always perfect!

Thanks to Jennifer of Cooking for Comfort for finally bringing these little gems to the attention of the TWD Bakers. She will have the recipe on her blog. Great choice.