Whew!! I think I am finally going to have some time to do a little baking. But just a little for now. Trying to get home just a little earlier so I can spend some time with my lonely oven. And since I am soooo far behind with the Modern Baker Challenge I thought I better get some of the Puff Pastry Goodies finished. Especially since it has been a month since I did one.

I had made up a full batch of Mal;gieri’s Puff Pastry mid-week just so I would have some ready when I was ready. So Saturday night after I made Chicken and Dumplings for B (Hospital food is boring!!!!) I had time to make these turnovers.

Spinach, feta cheese, onions, and egg filling in a light fluffy pastry. What’s not to like.

I didn’t follow Nick’s recipe exactly. I had some Tomato/Basil Feta Cheese so I left the dill out (not a fan anyway) and used yellow onions since it seems my freezer ate the green onions I had already chopped up. And, as you can see, I didn’t make triangular turnovers as Malgieri suggested. I love my little round turnover cutter.

Basically what you have is a individual serving of Spanakopitas. And so much easier than making a large pastry with filling.

I love baking with Puff Pastry. The pastries turn out so light and fluffy with the delicate layers.

These little tasty turnovers were so good. I really wasn’t sure if I would like them. I am not a fan of cooked spinach but mixed with the Tomato/Basil Feta and onions it was delicious.

I think these will make an appearnace at my next luncheon in December!!

Thanks, Nick, for making it easy!

I know one of the Modern Bakers has already made these turnovers: Renee at Every Pot and Pan (is dirty) and Phyl of Cabbages and Kings posted his just this morning, too. The rest will get there eventually.

If you have a copy of Malgieri’s Modern Baker you should join in the fun. We are in Puff Pastry through the end of November, then Cakes December through April and finally Cookies, Bars and Biscotti May through September 2012. The number of months we spend in each section depends on how many recipes are in each.

BTW Nick’s Modern Baker is now out in a Paper Back edition. He has revamped some of the recipes.

    “Writing this book was a real challenge, trying out faster and easier ways to get the same great results you might achieve with more work and more time spent in the kitchen, which few of us have to spare.”