So this one is only a week late.
This one is from Bake! by Nick Malgieri. There are several of us baking regularly from Nick’s book and every two weeks some one picks the recipe for each of us to make.
This past week (10/22) was Phyl’s pick, but I didn’t get to make it because I haven’t been in the kitchen for a while. But that ‘a while’ is over now. YAY!!

    Ox Tongues

Made from circles of puff pastry they are sweet, flakey, layered little treats.

Using Malgieri’s quick puff pastry the dough is cut into 2″ circles which are then rolled {on a sugared surface rather than a floured surface} into ovals and baked until caramelized {from the sugar} and flaky.

I sprinkled turbinado sugar on some and it just added to the sweetness. The ‘cookies’ were flaky and crunchy and delicious And so easy!

Nick made them on Martha’s show last Fall and you can find the recipe there with a video. We don’t print the recipes – you really need to buy BAKE! and join us baking through it.