So I came home the other night, late as usual, hungry, nothing in the fridge except veggies. And some cooked pasta. Perfect!!

    Penne ai Funghi e Zucchini

and limited veggies at that. But I did have a zuchinni and some button mushrooms. That was enough to make this pasta dish from Hazan’s 30 Minute Pastas Oh, and some tomatoes (recipe called for fresh, but I had some that we canned this summer). Besides the veggies the recipe also calls for Thyme and garlic.

Good. NOT a fav! But Good! The amount of zuchinni actually overwhelms the ‘shrooms so next time I would put more ‘shrooms and less zuchinni. Check out Kayte’s pick for 30 Minute Thursdays or Glennis who is back and blogging.

The penne dish is on page 72 of Hazan’s pasta book.