What? Ekmek! What the heck is that? I didn’t know unti I made it this past week for this week’s BAKE! It is a Turkish Flat Bread! And it is great!

I made a full batch of dough 1.5 lbs. and made a small free form loaf and two small disks.

The dough was so extrememly easy to make. It only took about 75 minutes to make the bread from mixing the ingredients to pulling the bread from the oven.

Flour, water, yeast, oil, salt. Such simple ingredients for such a tasty bread. I cut the dough in half, using 1/2 for the loaf and 1/4 for each disk. The loaf is made by folding the dough twice like a long envelope and then allowed to rise twice before baking. With the disks the the dough is pulled up around the perimeter and pushing the flaps into the center.

I used some Artisan Seeds (from KAF) on one disk, 7-Spice on one and left the loaf plain. The loaf made great sandwich bread so I will try the dough in a regular loaf. The disks did not stay flat. But even considering how puffy they are they will be great for dipping.

While they didn’t come out as crusty as I would like (my oven is wonky sometimes) they are definitely repeatable.

While we aren’t publishing Malgieri’s recipes you can find the Ekmek recipe HERE.

This was Andrea’s Pick for Bake! Thanks! Good stuff!!