…for the last couple of days it has been in the upper 80s outside and FALL seems far far away.

But this pie, which contains butternut squash, pears, and walnuts as well as cinnamon and nutmeg, is a reminder that FALL is a wonderful season for baking.


The full recipe gave me enough filling for 3 minis and 1 7″ pie. All with a double crust.

I dusted the larger pie with a little Turbinado sugar and the others with granulated sugar. Nothing like a nice sweet crust on a pie that isn’t that sweet.

I had some steamed butternut squash from when I made Butternut Squash Bread and Butternut Squash Soup so instead of cooking more I used it. And I found out there are NO pears in the local stores so I had to use canned pear halves. (Not an ideal situation!) The ingredients include dried fruit so I threw in a handful of dried Cherries.

I liked the tartness of the cherries against the ‘semi’ sweetness of the squash and pears.

But to be truthful I haven’t decided if I like the pie altogether. Guess I will have to have another piece, just for research purposes. Maybe with some of Dorie’s nilla ice cream. Just in case it needs it. Just in case.

We had a choice of Pie or Mini-Madelines this week for TWD. I wanted to make the Mads, sorry Di, but I still don’t have a pan. One day!!

So I made pie, which was Valerie’s pick for this week. You need to see her PIE it is gorgeous!!!!

AND you need to visit the other members of TWD and see their pies and Madelines.