…and the time comes for the last picture show recipe. With the closure of the movie house TWD, the boys bakers feel that a stage of their lives is closing. They stand uneasily on the threshold of the rest of their {BAKING} lives.

While “The Last Pictureshow” was a black and white and somewhat grim/sad movie, TWD has been a colorful, exciting, tasty series. But both mark the end of something familiar and comforting. Every Tuesday for the last 4 years we knew we would find our fellow bakers posting a recipe from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking From My Home To Yours. We knew we would find creativity, sweet goodness, successes in the kitchen. And, yes, some failures. (Some of Mine are in that category!!)

I joined the group in August 2008, just 7 months after the group started. And though I have not yet finished all the recipes (that’s coming) I have learned so much. My idea of a cake used to be Duncan Hines. Cookies were doable, muffins came from a Martha White package. And some of the treats I had never heard of: Floating Islands, Pots de Creme, Tuiles , Galettes just to name a couple!!

I’ve added ingredients to sweet treats that seemed foreign to me: Pepper in cookies?, Espresso in Brownies!!, but I don’t LIKE coffee!!

AND failures: It’s hard to make Madeleines without a pan {but at least I learned to spell them!}, Biscuits { I KNOW!!}, Pudding, and Rice Pudding that was so bad I didn’t even post it!!

So, now, the last recipe, chosen for us by Dorie.

    Kids’ Thumbprints

Make your batter, roll into balls, dip in eggwhite, roll in chopped peanuts, flatten with a thumb, fill with goodies. EAT!! with a big glass of milk!!

Dorie had jam in hers but also suggested filling with a variety of chips, which is what I did. Cinnamon, chocolate, and M&Ms. While they were quite tasty, the chips held their shape after melting so were not very pretty. But tasty. Tasty!! 1/2 a batch = 24 cookies, but I made them a little larger than ‘kids’ thumbprints. I liked them all but the M&Ms were my favorites. Memories of M&M cookies from my childhood.

PLEASE visit the other TWD bakers. I know many of them are doing ‘wrap-ups’ of their experiences with TWD. I know I could have written a LOT more, but ……

BTW, in addition to all the wonderful return-to-often recipes I have made life-long friends: Kayte, Leslie, Nancy, Di, Tracey. You ladies ROCK!! As far as I am concerned that was the BIGGEST BENEFIT of Tuesdays with Dorie. While some of these friends are here in the U.S., some are from Canada, and Great Britain. Marthe is in The Netherlands. So far away, but so close!! So thanks, Dorie, for EVERYTHING.

And beginning January, I am going back to BFMHTY and making all the treats I missed!! So for me, TWD will continue for another YEAR!!!

The recipe and a lovely wrap-up post is on Dorie’s blog. Please don’t miss it.

And if you want to SEE some of the bakers, Spike has them.