…are just too tasty to skip, so here I am doing a major catch-up on Dorie’s BFMHTY treats. I looked through the book and found I only had a few I had missed – 65 – Okay, more than a few, but I am going to try very hard to finish the book. It was an awesome project when we started in January 2008 and it is still an awesome task. So y’all just bear with me while I visit all the sweets I missed.

When the group started this was the first recipe on 1/8/2008.

    Quintuple Chocolate Brownies

Can you even imagine a brownie with FIVE different types of chocolate?? FIVE!! Cocoa powder, unsweetened chocolate, bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate. FIVE!! Chocoalte overload! And every bite delicious.

I only made one MINOR change. I didn’t have any milk chocolate in the pantry, except M&Ms, in Christmas colors, so that is what I used. And I only put the White Chocolate Glaze on 1/2 of the pan. As one of my TwitterBuds said, it didn’t really add anything to the brownie. They were so chocolately the White Chocolate didn’t really affect the taste of the brownie.

Every time I make one of Dorie’s Brownies I think, “Wow!! THIS is my favorite!” and everytime, I am wrong. Well, not really WRONG. They are ALL good and luckily I still have three more that I missed. These were chewy, fudgy, rich brownies. Try them. You can find the recipe on Michelle’s Blog SUGAR AND SPICE. Her blog later morphed into BROWN EYED BAKER and has some fantastic recipes. When these brownies were chosen there were only THREE bakers. Lauri of Slush, Michelle, and Abby Abby’s Sweets.

I know there are several bakers making up missed recipes. If you visit the TWD page there are already some links to those posts. Don’t miss out.

In February we are starting Baking with Julia. More fun to come.

BTW I thought this was the first recipe, but it was actually Brown Sugar Pecan Shortbread. Next week!!