I love simple. Simpe is comforting. Simple is quick. Simple is tasty. And this pasta from Giuliano Hazan is perfectly simple. And perfectly tasty.

    Fettuccine alla Romana

I have made Alfredo only once before but it had Chicken and Peas in it. This time it was strickly a side dish. It was delicious. Cream, butter, nutmeg, Parmigiano-Reggiano tossed with the pasta. Simple.

I realize that the pasta is NOT fettuccine. For some reason my brain said egg noodle and I had already started cooking the pasta by the time I realized my mistake. Ah, well, STILL delicious.

This recipe is on page 44 of Hazan’s 30 Minute Pasta.

Check over on Kayte’s pasta. I know she made pasta for 30 Minute Thursday.